First remote imaging: Veil Nebula and M101

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Another quick post. I have finally had my first night imaging remotely, and everything actually worked!

The Veil Nebula
The Veil Nebula

This was actually over two nights: June 7 & 8, 2024. June 7th I was at the ‘shed, making sure that everything would actually work (and fixing something that I screwed up with the rotator). I ran the exact same sequence in NINA that I will use when imaging remotely on the 8th. Everything worked out! I’m switching to doing unguided imaging for a future arrival (spoilers) and it’s working out pretty well– it feels like I’m actually acquiring considerably more “image” time vs wasted “why isn’t guiding working” time. I did adjust my sub length from five minutes to three to accomodate the lack of guiding.

Click an image to see it bigger with some acquisition info

Image details on Astrobin

The Veil Nebula

(M 101 hasn’t been posted yet)