Quickshot: The Crescent Nebula - NCG 6888

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Still working out the kinks in my full automation routine but making progress

Looks like a brain to me
Looks like a brain to me

Just a quick evening pointing at NGC 6888, the Crescent Nebula (I think it looks more like a brain), which is about 5000 light years from earth. This is about three hours of RGB data and I like how it turned out :smiley:.

This was an unguided image, with 180s subs, captured using NINA and the Target Scheduler plugin.

Target Scheduler still had a couple of hiccups. At the end of the run it went haywire and queued up 497,000 images, even though it was after time, completely locking up the program. When it came time to take flat (after restarting NINA) it tried to turn the rotator, but it was already where it was supposed to be…

See it larger here